The Best Way to Pair Port and Chocolate

Port paired with a chocolate dessert just seems like the right thing to do, correct? Port has been a popular wine to drink during dessert, but how do you pair it well with chocolate? We know there are several types of ports out there that can pair well with many desserts. We decided to give people a break down on how to pair this wonderful wine with the most popular dessert on the face of the planet.

What is Port?

We are eager to leap right into wine and dessert pairings, but what is port wine first of all? People who are lovers of wine probably already know what we’re talking about, but we’ll cover the basics right now. Port wine is a red, sweet, and fortified wine that comes from Portugal. Port is usually savored as a dessert wine since it’s sweet and rich.

There are a few styles of Port to choose from including rose, red, white, and one aged style known as Tawny Port. Port can be purchased at most supermarkets, but is an average quality at best. There are fine Ports that are highly sought after that can cost an upwards of several hundred thousand dollars.

How Do You Pair the Right Port with the Right Chocolate?

This is the part where people might start getting a little antsy. Wine is a delicate business considering you want the pair the wine off well with the food being served. Port does pair well with chocolate, but you have to drink the right Port wine to get the best effect.

Port wine comes in several flavors including chocolate sauce, raspberry, cinnamon, blackberry, and caramel. The two primary styles of Port people will usually encounter is red Port that has a berry and chocolate flavor to it. There is the tawny colored Port that has nut and caramel flavors mixed into it too.

Chocolate is a versatile since it can be flavored and prepared several different ways. You could take raspberry Port for example and pair it with a chocolate dessert containing raspberries. When it comes to the tawny Port with nut and caramel flavors, you would want a chocolate dessert that uses those same flavors mixed in with the dish.

The key to pairing off Port wine with chocolate is to go with the key elements the wine and the dessert share. Port wine that has blackberries as a flavor should have a chocolate dessert featuring blackberries in the mix. Dark chocolate makes a good pairing with Port with a chocolate flavoring already added to it too.

Pairing Port wine with chocolate is much easier than people assume. You just have to be a little creative and use common elements and flavors that can be found in both.

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