The Best Beers from the Czech Republic

Czech Republic Beer

Czech beers are becoming increasingly popular in Western Europe and the United States, leading to thousands of beer enthusiasts rating them highly against some more well-known competitors. If you’ve been hearing a lot about these special beers, but you’re not sure where to start when it comes to tasting them, then this guide will give you some names of some the best Czech beers, many of which you will be able to find in a store near you.

Matuska Stout

If you’re interested in Czech beers, Matuska is a brewery that you’re going to see a lot of. They make a range of different styles, and this stout is one of their best, and is also highly rated by consumers. It has a dark brown color that will remind you of a Guinness, although it has a unique flavor of its own. It is lighter than Irish Stout, but still has flavors of liquorish and chocolate. Carbonation is quite light, which means you can enjoy this without getting the full feeling that you would from an Irish stout.

Matuska Hellcat Imperial India Pale Ale

As highly rated as the Matuska Stout, this beer is an Indian Pale Ale that pours from the bottle with a decently sized white head. The aroma could be described as botanical, and the flavor is full bodied. After the sweet fruit flavors, you will be rewarded with a bitter finishing flavor that is exactly what you would be looking for in an imperial style Indian Pale Ale.

Domovar Komar APA

Here’s a pale ale that has been brewed in the American style. The head is creamy, and there’s a definite citrus element to the aroma. Like the Matuska, the overall aroma is fruity, but the sweetness is subdued when it comes to actually drinking this beer. The aftertaste has a decent amount of bitterness, but there’s also some remnants of the malt that is used in the brewing process. This beer has a complex flavor that will be appreciated by anyone who loves a good American style pale ale.

Pilsner Urquell

If you’ve never tried this beer, then you’re definitely missing out. It is easy to find around the world, and has the historical distinction of being the first golden pilsner ever produced. Although mass produced, it is still highly rated by beer aficionados. You could use this beer as a benchmark to compare all other Czech beers to. Although it’s not the most unique in flavor, and is admittedly quite mild, it still has a clean flavor with a touch of bitterness, which makes it a good all-rounder for anybody wanting to start exploring Czech Beer.

Have a look around your local stores for Czech beers. You will be rewarded with new and refreshing flavors that people are beginning to enjoy around the world.

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