Tequila Herradura Roundup

What kind of Tequila drinker are you? Tequila Herradura, crafted by the last true tequila-producing hacienda on the planet, wants to help answer that question in time for the holidays.

Are you a…

Classic, reliable or a cocktail drinker?


Indulge in Tequila Herradura Silver crafted using 100% blue agave and aged in American white oak barrels for 45 days. Light straw in color with aromas of herbs, cooked agave, fruit, hints of vanilla and wood, the tequila offers sweet, mild cooked agave notes with a touch of oak. Expect a smooth and clean finish.


An innovator?


Treat yourself to a bottle of Tequila Herradura Reposado, the first Reposado in the tequila industry. Aged in American white oak barrels for 11 months, this copper color spirit has aromas of cooked agave with hints of anise, fruit and spices. The taste is smooth with sweet notes of cooked agave, vanilla, butter and dried fruit resulting in a smooth, sweet finish with a hint of brown spice.


An old soul, a thinker, intense?


A bottle of Tequila Herradura Añejo is for you. This expression is aged in American white oak barrels for two years. Dark copper in color with intense cooked agave, spice, toasted oak and nutty aromas, Tequila Herradura Añejo is smooth with notes of dried fruit and toasted oak resulting in a smooth, sweet and slightly spicy finish.


A true connoisseur?


Try Tequila Herradura Selección Suprema, the first Extra Añejo in the tequila industry. It is aged in American white oak barrels for four years, dark amber in color and has intense cooked agave, spices and floral notes. Its complex balance of cooked agave, rich vanilla, toasted oak and dried fruit. It is creamy and smooth with a long aftertaste.


A purist?

Try Tequila Herradura Colección de la Casa, Reserva 2015 –Directo de Alambique (Directo) . This small-batch tequila is produced using only the finest blue agave plants, harvested at the peak of perfection. It is then fermented with natural yeast amid the warm breeze and citrus trees of Casa Herradura, a process entirely unique in the industry. Finally, it is bottled direct from the still at 110 proof, preserving the fresh, youthful flavor of Herradura’s beautiful tequila, a taste unchanged since 1870. The result is a crystal-clear tequila with robust notes of sweet agave, green pepper, citrus, and a hint of herbs and spice. Taken together, these notes provide a smooth, complex, and prolonged presence. A bold tequila expression for true tequila lovers.


So we, Tequila Herrandura and I, ask again, what kind of tequila drinker are you? 

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