Summer Cocktails by Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

Long summer days are perfect for backyard BBQ’s, good times with friends, and refreshingly easy summery cocktails. Appleton® Estate Jamaica Rum has mixed up a couple of cocktail recipes that will pair perfectly with summer entertaining plans.

Reserve Kingston Breeze


The recipes below are courtesy of Appleton Estate, which proudly touts a 265-year-old rum-making legacy in the heart of Jamaica.  If you decide to whip up some of these cocktails and get your friends or co-workers to take a shot with you, they’d love to see your pics! You can share them with Appleton Estate on Twitter and Instagram at @AppletonRumUSA.

Reserve Kingston Breeze
·         2 Lime Wedges, Squeezed

·         1.5 oz. Appleton® Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum

·         Grapefruit Soda


Glass: Highball, 10-12 oz.

Garnish: Lime or grapefruit wheel

Preparation: Add Appleton Estate Reserve to glass, fill with ice and top with Grapefruit soda. Squeeze two lime wedges. Fold all ingredients together with bar spoon. Garnish with a ½ lime wheel.


Appleton Reserve Maroon Swizzle

·         1.50 oz. Appleton® Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum

·         0.50 oz. Demerara simple syrup

·         0.25 oz. Allspice Dram

·         oz. Fresh lime juice

Garnish: Long naval orange peel, mint sprig

Glass: 10-11oz. Rocks Glass

Preparation: Prep the rocks glass with orange oil and add ingredients with crushed ice into the glass and swizzle with a swizzle stick or a spoon. Add more ice to the top and garnish with a long orange peel down the side of the glass and a mint sprig

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