Up Your Stimulation With the Best Alcoholic Iced Coffee Drinks

Alcoholic Iced Coffee Drinks

You’ve probably heard of the Hot Toddy, that famous Irish blend of delicious warm alcohol, spices, sweetness, and (sometimes) coffee. Well, have you ever heard of a cold cocktail that mixes coffee and liquor? If not, then you’re missing out on something quite special, and it is probably time that you familiarized yourself with some of the best variations of iced coffee.

Iced coffee brings you a new kind of buzz, and a totally unique experience. Enjoy one on a hot day, or try something different at a cocktail bar. Wherever you have an alcoholic iced coffee, you’ll be in for a treat that is like nothing else.

Use Coffee Flavored Liqueur for a Special Treat

Kahlua is the perfect liqueur to add to an iced coffee, because it already has a distinct coffee flavor. Try mixing your favorite espresso shot with one shot of Kahlua, and a shot of Baileys Irish Cream. If you want to be even more adventurous, then use Amarula instead of Baileys. Amarula comes from South Africa and has a delicious creamy texture. Mix it all together with ice and a little bit of low fat milk for a delicious cold beverage. Of course, if you want to get fancy, then you will need to top this one off with some whipped cream and dark chocolate sprinkle.

Simple – Coffee and White Spirit

You don’t have to get too fancy just to enjoy a delicious iced coffee, and with this recipe, you could have a basic but tasty drink for any occasion. Simply make your iced coffee as you usually would, and add a single measure of Vodka or a similar spirit. This will give your coffee an extra kick, without overpowering the flavor. If you want to experiment, then try a spirit other than vodka. Gin can work with this drink, as can Korean Soju.

Decadent Coffee Shake

Hot weather and milkshakes go together. Hot weather and iced coffee go together. Milkshakes, iced coffee, and liquor… yep, they also go together. You might not want to drink this one every day, considering the calories that are going to be in it, but it’s sure worth making some if you have guests, or if you just want to indulge in something that is a cut above the average iced coffee. You can easily prepare a coffee shake with a shot of espresso (a good plunger or instant coffee shot will also do fine), mixed with the ice cream flavor of your choice, and topped with a white spirit, or a flavored liqueur. Put everything in the blender with some ice and your milkshake will be made. If you want to make it even thicker, use more ice cream and skip the ice.

Enjoy liquor with iced coffee, and you may just discover your new favorite drink!

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