National S’mores Day Remix with Pinnacle Vodka!

National S’mores Day has always been in our hearts. Growing up, we’ve all had S’mores. Roasted the marshmallow just right (the second time around). Spent all too long picking out which chocolate to ‘give a shot’. And went to the tried and true graham cracker as the vehicle on which to eat it. And if you haven’t tried a S’more, well, firstly, sorry, and secondly, you have a chance this Sunday to celebrate it for the first time.

That said, I suggest to try a new first. A couple crazy new recipes from Pinnacle Vodka. Check them out:

S’mmmores Latte

S’mmmores Latte

1 part Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka

1 part Kamora® Coffee Liquour

2 part Cream

Serve over ice in a graham cracker-rimmed glass and garnish with a marshmallow.


Marshmallow Fondue

Marshmallow Fondue 

2 part Pinnacle® Marshmallow Vodka

1 part Chocolate Milk

Swirl martini glass with chocolate syrup. Shake with ice and strain into prepared martini


So if you’re a seasoned expert, or just joining the bandwagon now, be prepared for a whole new level of S’more satisfaction (or S’more satisfying, for you pun lovers).

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