Four of the Worst Beers in the World

Worst Beer

As a beer lover, it’s exciting to find new beers, especially some of the craft beers that are entering the market. However, what’s not exciting, is when you pick up a pack of beers that aren’t so great. It’s easy to find a list of the best beers in the world, but how about the worst?

This isn’t a list of the best beers in the world. In fact, it is quite the opposite. If you see these on the shelf, just nod knowingly and move along. They’re simply not worth it.

Milwaukee’s Best Premium

With a name like Best Premium, you probably wouldn’t expect to find this on a list of the world’s worst beers. This beer is marketed as having a premium taste without the premium price, but as reviewers and consumers would tell you, this is not the case at all. Sure, this beer can be had for a low price, but you’ll also have a bad experience while drinking it. It has been described as water with corn flavor. It’s easy enough to drink, but if you like a good beer, this will leave you sorely disappointed.

Budweiser Select 55

Marketed as being a light beer with a low calorie account, we can at least give Budweiser some points for being honest. Each bottle contains only 55 calories, which is less than half of most premium beers. The flavor is lacking, which is not surprising considering that there’s only 2.5% alcohol by volume. The alcohol in any beer is an important component of the flavor, and this beer could be forgiven if it actually had any flavor – unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Corona Light

Standard Corona is a beer that is popular around the world. Arguably, it is the best beer to drink on a hot day or at a barbeque, especially when it is ice cold. Corona is relatively light and crisp in flavor, so it is surprising that the company would want to make an even lighter version. This particular brew has almost no bitterness, is lacking in malt and hop flavor, and is overly carbonated. It’s an uninteresting beer that could only be enjoyed if there was literally nothing else available.

Beck’s Ice

Beck’s is another brand that needs no introduction. The regular German Pilsener is well known and widely available. Some of the licensed versions are nothing to write home about, but an ice cold imported Beck’s is definitely worth a drink. This version of the beer, labeled as Beck’s Ice, is simply not worth your time. Like the previous two beers, it is a light beer, with only 2.5%abv. It’s more of a soda water than a beer, and is definitely not worthy of the Beck’s name. If you’re looking for authentic German beer flavor, then this is not the bottle that you’re looking for.

There you have it, four completely underwhelming beers that you should stay far away from. It’s unsurprising that light beers make up three quarters of this list. Too much is lost in the light brewing process to make a beer worth drinking. If you love flavor, then stick to regular strength beers, and definitely stay away from the four mentioned above.

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