Flat Beer – How to Keep This Disaster from Happening

Flat Beer

You’re enjoying a beer, but for some reason you have to stop drinking. You might have to help out with something in the house, do a quick chore, or you might want to just go and do something else for a while before you finish your beer. If this was a bottle of soft drink, you could simply put the cap back on and place it in the fridge.

Unfortunately, we all know that once beer is opened, it soon goes flat, as the gas escapes from the liquid. If there’s one thing worse than a warm beer, it’s a flat beer!

Here’s how you can save your beer and prevent the disaster of flat beer from happening.

Beer Savers are the Answer

If you take a look online or even at the liquor store, you’ll find some contraptions that can plug the top of your beer, and save it for at least a day.

It’s fairly easy to understand why these work. As soon as you open a beer, the carbonation starts escaping. A fair amount of it is lost as the head forms and then breaks through. Some of it you swallow, which is why you end up feeling the need to belch after enjoying a beer (hey, there’s no judging here). No matter what, this carbonation is always going to escape, and the longer the beer is left open, the more chance there is of it going flat. If you’re drinking the beer, you’re not really going to have a problem, because you will typically finish the beer before it goes noticeably flat. However, just a couple of hours in the fridge with no seal on the bottle and you’ll have a flat beer that just tastes disappointing.

Funnily enough, one of the best options on the market has the name Beer Savers. These are small, silicone caps that can be put back onto any bottle, creating an airtight seal that keeps the carbonation in. They are fairly easy to find, either online or at your local store. The great thing about these caps is that they aren’t just for beer. You can seal off any bottle, including champagne bottles. Your drink should stay good for at least 24 hours when using these colorful little bottle caps.

Do you like your beer from a can? Don’t worry, lots of people do, and it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on any fizz-saving technology. Snap Capp is the solution if you want to top off your cans to save the beer inside (or soft drink). Like the Beer Savers, this solution creates a seal over the top of the can, keeping the carbonating gas inside, and keeping the beer fresh.

There are plenty of gadgets just like the ones we’ve talked about here. The key is to find one that creates an airtight seal. Don’t overspend, because most solutions can be had for less than $10. For a small investment, you’ll always be able to save your beer when something unexpected comes up.

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