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Truly Cocktail Recipes

Truly Blood Red Sangria  Ingredients: 6 oz. Truly Spiked & Sparkling Sicilian Blood Orange 2 oz. red wine Assorted citrus fruits Assorted fresh berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) Brandy To make: In advance, soak fruit in brandy Combine 6 oz. Truly

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Wine FAQ: What is Port?

Port Wine

When you’re about the task of choosing a wine for your event you undoubtedly have many choices. While wine itself is generally attributed to countries like Italy, America has certainly managed to carve out quite the niche for itself in

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The Top Three Non-Alcoholic Wines

Non-Alcoholic Wine

Many people would dismiss the idea of non-alcoholic wine without even trying it. If it’s not alcoholic, is it even wine? You would be surprised! There’s plenty of non-alcoholic wines out there that are just as good as their alcoholic

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A Guide to Toasting Wines

“He who clinks his cup with mine, Adds a glory to the wine.” — George Sterling, American poet and playwright Giving a toast is a time-honored tradition at many special events, including weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties and more. Yet, many

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